3DU: 3D Game Development Contest - Entrant Form

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Sponsored by Over The Edge Entertainment, makers of Unity (http://unity3d.com).
Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game development tool sporting a stylish pro-app GUI, no-friction workflow and over-the-top technical features such as extensible shaders and full-screen effects, great particles, a highly optimized scripting engine supporting C#, JavaScript and a dialect of Python, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation and ragdolls. Unity is being used by game developers such as Codemasters and Freeverse, in game design education, and amongst creative visualization professionals.

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How to enter:
Post the following information to this thread:
  • Developer name:
  • Entry name:
  • Download URL:
  • Download URL Mirror (optional):
  • Description:
Note: In the event you wish to be removed from the contest, please delete your post. Entrants are responsible for ensuring their entry is online and available for download until January 21, 2007. iDevGames will not provide hosting of entries for this contest.

  • Start: November 22, 2006 (11:59 PM GMT)
  • Application Deadline: December 18 (11:59 PM GMT)
  • Game Entry Deadline: December 22, 2006 (11:59 PM GMT)
  • The winner announcement date will be decided after the application deadline.

For complete details, please see:
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Developer name: Stephen Johnson and Joseph Duchesne
Download URL: http://server1.yellowdns.com/~staron/NOT...EROIDS.zip
Source URL: http://server1.yellowdns.com/~staron/NOT...DS.src.zip
Description: An asteroids clone made in a hurry.
Forum Thread: http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?p=123856

A note on the Universal requirement: When you cmd-i the app, it says "PowerPC". This is not actually the case because the game is written Java. When the app is clicked it switches over to the native (universal) Java runtime. You can see this for yourself if look at the console. The first thing the app says is: "[JavaAppLauncher] application launched with ppc-thin application stub. Using native application stub instead."
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Developer name: Andrew Sage
Entry name: The Last Hope
Download URL: http://office.asae.co.uk/misc/lasthope007.zip
Mirror URL: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~czec0035/lasthope007.zip
Description: Clear the way for the bomb to travel through Mankind's ruined remains to the end zone and the alien space craft.

A newer build posted after the deadline can be found in the thread below.
Forum thread: http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13196
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Development team name: DynamicGill
Entry name: FreedomArena
Download URL: http://dynamicgill.bluegillweb.com/files.html
Description: http://dynamicgill.bluegillweb.com/freedomarena.html
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Developer name: Rocco Bowling
Entry name: Bocce Classiche
Download URL: http://www.littlegenerals.com/BocceClassiche.zip
Description: Bocce; ancient sport of both skill and strategy.
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Developer name: Karl Becker
Entry name: Curling
Download URL: http://www.karlbecker.com/curling.zip
Description: Play the Scottish-invented sport of curling on your Mac.
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Developer Name: Forest Johnson
Entry Name: MegaPixel
Download URL: http://www.yoggy.bluegillweb.com/MegaPixel.zip
Discription: Abstract first person shooter made entirely with one texture. Play through several challenging levels of falling red enemies and bosses while collecting powerups and upgrades for six different weapons.
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Developer name: Mark Grob
Entry name: Space Invaders Rehased
Download URL: http://www.markgrob.com/SpaceInvaders/
It's Space Invaders in 3D. Project completed in 24 hours.
11.3 MB download. It might have a few Gems hidden.
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Developer name: Ray Nothnagel
Entry name: Botbuilder
Download URL: via starmantagames.com
Description: A goal-based game based on designing and creating a robot to accomplish specific tasks.
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Developer name: Craig Macomber
Entry name: Death Vortex 3D
Download URL: http://www.spincraftsoftware.com/files/D...x%203D.Zip
Download URL Mirror (optional): Might be available soon.
Description: Sphere Vs. lots of exploding spheres. 648 modes of play!
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Developer Name: shiftcontrol
Entry name: Hover Puck
Download URL: http://metervara.com/hoverpuck/hoverpuck2.zip
Download URL Mirror (optional): n/a
Description: Futuristic shuffleboard
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Developer name: Sam Shiels
Entry Name: Tiny Tanks
Download URL: http://savefile.com/files/304091
Download URL Mirror (optional):http://savefile.com/files/304091
Description: Action/Adventure
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Developer name: Andrew Hazelden & Russell Hazelden
Entry name: Blocks Away!
Download URL: Blocks Away!
Description: Blocks Away! A highly addictive 3D puzzle game.
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Developer Name: Brian Flanagan
Entry Name: FIMO: the Revolution Begins
Download URL: http://www.flanastan.com/FIMO-theGAME.dmg
Download URL Mirror: http://www.crapitalista.com/FIMO-theGAME.dmg
Description: Space Shooter featuring a worm as a starship pilot.
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Developer name: John Wennö (Warped Axiom)
Entry name: Ghost Warder
Download URL:
http://www.tuffe.no-ip.com/apa/apa/GhostWarderFinal.zip Mac Universal build.
http://www.tuffe.no-ip.com/apa/apa/GhostWarderWin.zip Windows build.
Alternate Download URL: Probably not.
Description: Christine wanders aimlessly across a vast desert twilight zone, toiling to recover her fragmented memory. Armed only with a flash light, she must repel her nocturnal persecutors and make a momentous choise...

Please try to make it past the first level, before you spurn my entry. I really tried to prevent it, honestly, but the first level can be a tad slow. Ehrml...
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