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Admittedly, this question doesn't actually pertain to game programming; however, I am writing this application in an attempt to better learn Cocoa and THEN write a game. I'm relatively new to Cocoa, and this forum's "search" feature has been one of my most helpful resources. If this is completely outrageous because it doesn't pertain to gaming, I apologize. I can take this elsewhere.

So enough with that. I'm trying to create an application and I'm having a little trouble with the interface. What I intend to do is create the application's main window with buttons that, when clicked, should entirely change the contents of the window (for instance, presenting the user with a list of contacts or something, just giving an example), and the new view will have a "Back" button at the bottom.

Currently, I have my main window set up with an empty CustomView (filling the whole window), and then I created an instance of CustomView (by dragging the CustomView icon into the instance window) for every screen I would want the window to display. I have awakeFromNib add the start view as a subview of the window's empty CustomView, and then each button triggers the replaceSubview method to substitute in the new view.

This works, but it seems kind of... big and pointless. Surely I'm doing something wrong, or there's a simpler way of setting this up?

Sorry if I sound stupid. I would really appreciate any ideas, feedback, whatever. If this is the completely wrong place to ask this, I'm sorry.
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From the outside, it does indeed sound like you are approaching the problem from the wrong angle. Generally, it is better to have the interface stay static. Perhaps some kind of webkit interface would be better? You might also try using an NSTabView.

Also, you might try idevgames' sister site, (see link at the top of the page), for more general application programming questions.
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Thanks. I'll take a look at WebKit.
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