Trouble With Template Classes in C++

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I'm trying to use a template class for a 2D vector but I'm having trouble with a few linker errors:

/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
SimEngine::Vector2D<int>::Vector2D(SimEngine::Vector2D<int> const&)
SimEngine::Vector2D<int>::operator=(SimEngine::Vector2D<int> const&)
/Users/nickgravelyn/Documents/Xcode/Spyscroller/build/ reference to undefined SimEngine::Vector2D<int>::Vector2D(SimEngine::Vector2D<int> const&)
/Users/nickgravelyn/Documents/Xcode/Spyscroller/build/ reference to undefined SimEngine::Vector2D<int>::operator=(SimEngine::Vector2D<int> const&)
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

So I checked and sure enough I have those methods defined:

template<class E>
Vector2D<E>::Vector2D( const Vector2D<E> &v ) : x( v.x ), y( v.y ) {

template<class E>
Vector2D<E>& Vector2D<E>::operator = ( const Vector2D<E> &v ) {
    x = v.x;
    y = v.y;
    return ( *this );

Am I doing something incorrectly? I can easily put more code up if necessary, but I figured this was all that would be needed.
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Due to the way templates work in C++, all the code must be in or included from the header file. It's usual just to put it all inline in the class declaration, but it's possible (if weird) to #include the .cpp file at the bottom of the header.
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Hm. I don't want to put all of it in the header, but I think I will just because including a cpp file seems wrong.
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One convention I've seen (not sure if it is "correct" or not) is to put the implementation of a template class in a .hpp file, and include it in the header, rather than include a .cpp file, which someone may confuse as a file that needs to be compiled and linked, which it wouldn't.
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Template implementations belong in a header file, be it .h or .hpp to your liking.
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