Help tracking down lost 3D Modeler

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I have, in the back of my mind, a memory of a 3D modeler which I cannot find anywhere.

It was freeware/beta, cocoa based, and the name started with C (I think). As an icon it had a blue blobbie like thing. I just can't remember the name or seem to find it...

(It was kinda like that Mesh modeler called Meshworks (I think...))

Anybody know what I'm rambling about? Rasp


(It *might* have been called Coalescence...) Sneaky
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It was called "Coalesce" and its website is gone. The source code was never released. The author used it for one of the iDG contests so there was file loading and animating code available. It may of been Cocoa based, but it created its own user interface in OpenGL and I think it ran full-screen, so no big ui advantage there. It was neat though!
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That's a pity.

Thanks! Smile
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