2d vector graphics game: GL or Flash?

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Ok, so after a few weeks of looking into designing the Next Great Space Sim (read: single player EVE/X3 like game) I decided that was way beyond the level of one such as me, and I'd much rather jump into game design via designing smaller games or working on small chunks of a somewhat more complex game.

I've been on my consoles a lot lately and really want to try to do a modernized version of the old 2d RPG (anyone remember Shadowrun for Sega Genesis?)

I'd like to keep it 2d or very minimally 3d, but would love to make it using vector graphics, maybe something like using SVG's as sprites

This almost sounds like something Flash was made for doing, but I'm curious how doable it would be in another format (OpenGL/SDL/Cocoa) as well as how capable Flash would be at handling any numeric calculations behind the scenes.

I'd consider myself a Novice C programmer, and I've played a little with C++ objects.
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I'm doing a load of vector graphics stuff in OpenGL via SDL - trying to make a Geometry Wars-style game. It's really fun to do - I'm not a skilled programmer, but it took me very little time to get something drawing on the screen. I've got a particle engine working, and a model importer and editor, all of which I'm pleased with.

Some people seem to be able to do some amazing thing in Flash, but I hate using it. (I thought I'd be right at home with it, seeing as I do a lot of Javascript and had heard that that AS was similar.) But even the best Flash programmer won't be able to get thousands of particles bouncing around the screen at 100fps.

Flash obviously has the advantage of being cross-platform and suited to small web-games, and handles curves for you and gives you an asset editor, but I certainly didn't find it any easier to program for than OpenGL.

I think that there's still a lot of cool things you could do with 2D OpenGL which haven't really been looked at much yet. There are loads of arguments for each side, but I think you might find working in OpenGL and SDL more fun.
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