How to make flash game without flash ? :)

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Im trying to make a game for my website, the game will be very simple something like not like that but something like it.. so that you have to do certain things against time and the goal is to get the fastest time. So its going to be really simple, but i dont have flash nor interest on learning how to code actionscript. So does anyone here know whats the next best was to make games like that ? like are there some other "flash" alike programs or some other tools with what you can make simple games that are as usable as flash games or so ?
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you would probably want to get flash and learn actionscript.

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Somewhere in the future you'll be able to just upload your ideas to a computer which will then automatically generate an application.

But it's not that kind of future yet so you'll need to learn how to code. For Flash, you must learn ActionScript, in general you should learn a C type language.

Even to create mods for existing games you'd require to code.

If you absolutly don't wanna do any coding then may I suggest you stick to creating levels for a 3D shooter.

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You'll have to learn how to code no matter what, if you plan on making games... to make games for flash player without flash, try - an open source ActionScript Compiler.
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Buy it, I'm sure you can find someone willing to do it for $100 (much less than the $700 you would have to spend on flash).

Or you can use processing ( ), which can do nice java browser graphic apps (though I never used it myself) and is free.

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Just commenting on that game you linked us's actually pretty complex. And very professional and polished. Start simple Smile

And you could probably get an academic discount on Flash depending on how old you are/if you attend school.
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