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unknown Wrote:That way you can go downward on an elevator and not be falling
This scenario interest me.
If I am standing on an elevator slowly accelerating downward, I am not "falling". But if you were to cut the elevator cable, by all rights, you are indeed falling. In this case, how fast do you have to be descending to be considered "falling"? (I wouldn't say 9.8m/s^2 either cause there is also "terminal velocity")
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I don't know if this is applicable to your game, but what about floating or levitating? You could track the 'mode' (walking, falling, floating, sliding, ect.) in a variable and move accordingly. You could also track walking off the edge of a platform by the X endpoints of the platform. i.e. when you walk off the edge of a 100px platform and your character's X position becomes greater than that of the platform, but they are not standing on another platform.

Just some ideas.
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Just define a certain -y value as the point of no return. The levels would be built above that point. Simple, I think.
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In El Ballo, each moving body has a pointer to the ground segment they are walking on. When they step off a segment or jump, that pointer is NULL. If it is NULL, they're falling, or rather, gravity sets in. Floating objects just have a counter-gravity impulse applied on each frame.
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Personally I like viewing the character as always falling (ie a pure physics view). The only thing that should change is whether or not there is some opposing force preventing actual downward movement.
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I would implement a "splat velocity" constraint, assuming you have gravity or some form of physics system in place. When a character moves off an edge (this is where bounding boxes and collision detection come into play but that's a different topic) the character moves downwards at a velocity increasing by whatever the "gravity/downwards accelaration" is set to. If the "splat velocity" constraint is reached - play the "waaahhhhh" sound, animate flailing limbs etc, but mosty importantly after that point if a platform is hit the character goes "splat" Smile

This is good for jumps too, because it adds another element to play, if the character simply falls off a ledge to a lower one they may survive, but If they jump first the velocity by the time they hit the lower platform may be enough to "splat" them.

I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for, I'm assuming you were looking for more than just whether the character has a downward displacement or not.


Hayden M.
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