Weird behaviour with structs and the = operand

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I a bit of code I've been writing I've got some structs. (Normally I use classes, but this code is in c and not c++.)

And at one point in my code I have code like this (simplified to shorten explanation):

typedef struct {
int a;
int b;
float c[3];
float d;
int e;

ITEM big_array[1000];

void thingy() {
ITEM temp;
temp = big_array[245]; // grab something from stack
// modify it
big_array[245] = temp; // put it back on the stack

But not everything gets shunted on and off the stack correctly. I realize arrays like 'c' should not, but some values like 'd' and 'e' just don't for some reason. What I mean is, when I use '=' to transfer the structs values a and b might copy but d and e won't. It's weird, because it's always the same items in the struct but they appear to be initially chosen at random. I'm not sure why.

I'm gonna make a function to copy my structs, but I'm curious why this is happening.

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There's nothing inherently wrong with the code you've posted. The assign will do an exact bitwise copy (likely actually call memcpy with a struct that large). Even the content of C will be copied, since no pointers are involved.
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Weird, I must have modified my values wrong or something.

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