Intel Mac -> Many Warnings (deprecated functions)

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hey everyone.

I'm still working on a game in Carbon, and I recently upgraded my computer to an Intel iMac. I was under the impression that my code was already "universal," but compiling my code resulted in 40 warnings. Anyways, all my future projects will be in Cocoa, and my plan is to ignore the warnings. There doesn't seem to be an actual problem when executing the application.

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You should use the functions provided by CFString and CFNumber.

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These functions are deprecated in 10.4, even on PowerPC. You won't see the warnings unless you tell Xcode that your minimum required OS is 10.4, though, which is the default on Intel ('cos there is no 10.3), but not on PowerPC.

You can continue to use these functions, but won't be able to build a 64-bit binary if you do.
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For hiding and showing the cursor, you want the CoreGraphics calls:

CGDisplayErr CGDisplayHideCursor(
    CGDirectDisplayID display);
CGDisplayErr CGDisplayShowCursor(
    CGDirectDisplayID display);

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