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Hi there, this is a project being revived. I see big potential in this game, it is called Whispers in Akarra.

First of all! The spriting necessary for this game isn't that difficult but it has a theme that needs to be followed! 16x16 ingame and 32x32 inventory as well as possibly some portraits for NPC and building/spriteset spriting which would require bigger dimensions. If you feel interested in any of these domains email me at

To check out what the game looked like, a site is being worked on, im not sure if the web designer put up the screenshots page yet.
The temp forums are located at:
The temp website is located at:

The game is a 2D Mmorpg that used to have 400-500 users playing it in its pre-alpha stages. The game runs while continualy being worked on. At the moment the game is down and big work is being done. The game has very good editors for each field, be it mapping, spriting, skills, effects, tileset, spriteset, creatureedit, itemedit and more.

The editors are programmed so well that it helps really increase productivity tenfold. Many of the old artists have moved on. We still have two artists and a couple mappers, and a person for each editting field.

This game does not follow those small MO's with their wierd anime graphic chars and monsters. It's more realistic and very appealing.

The game is a medieval style mmorpg. The artists are not required to dedicate full time to this or even too much time. It is more of a help out when you can and get to know the team as well as grab some fame with the ever growing community.

**For the time being, the forums aren't populated since they have just gotted up and many old players are still lingering in distant web corners.

The artists would receive images of what the item/monsters/NPC's look like and would be able to either modify them or create new ones using the similar theme.

Hope to hear from you!
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I'd love to help. E-mail at
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