Can I still use my Grandpa's books? :wacko:

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Hello Everyone. I just got started trying to start developing, and my grandfather was very excited. His past job being an epic computer wiz, he gave me four books on coding, two of which are C, the other two on Visual C++. Here they are:

Power C, ANSI Standard High-Performance C Compiler by Mix Software inc
Copyright 1993
Workout C (The Waite Group ?) by David Himmel
Copyright 1992
What Every Visual C++ 2 Programmer Should Know by Peter D. Hipson
Copyright 1994
Learn Visual C++ Now by Mark Andrews
Copyright 1996

Just a few questions:
Is Visual C++ Objective-C?
Will I have to learn C++ to learn Visual C++?
Please Help, and thanks for posting.
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Greetings, welcome to the forum Smile

DigitalNonsenseStudios Wrote:Is Visual C++ Objective-C?
No; C++ and Objective-C are languages; Visual C++ is a C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment)/compiler produced by Microsoft.

DigitalNonsenseStudios Wrote:Will I have to learn C++ to learn Visual C++?
As one is a language and one is an IDE/compiler for that language, the answer is "yes" (just not in the way I think you originally thought); also, Visual C++ isn't available on the Mac; instead, you'll most likely be using Xcode, Apple's (free) IDE/compiler (which supports several languages, amongst them C and C++.)

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Thanks a lot, this will help me a ton.
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As the books are older they won't reflect changes to the C++ language made more recently, but good computer science transcends both time and languages. Peruse the books, but if your compiler balks then it could be a language change. Most likely not, but it's possible.

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Looking at that list of books, I think the most useful will be Workout C. Anything based on a particular IDE or compiler (pretty much the rest of them) will be too outdated to be of use today. If they have large sections that are about general coding, then they can be somewhat useful, but anything about the IDE or compilers themselves will be mostly useless nowadays.
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