Difference between Development and Deployment?

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I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there was no bug in the first place and Xcode 2.4 did not fix anything related to this error, but rather when Xcode 2.4 first opened the project it changed some quirky setting or cleaned out some musty old object files in the project.

Hell, it could even have been a bug in your code. Since the development and deployment builds are kept in separate folders, if you reference any external files that don't exist in the separate build, it could cause all sorts of ugly memory overwrites in your program, whch could easily cause this type of error. That's just an example.

I'm especially certain of this considering the actual release notes for Xcode 2.4 say the only bugs fixed are related to the IDE. And considering I tested the listed code in Xcode 2.1 and it seemed to work fine.

Who knows, you may be right about the entire thing, but I certainly wouldn't dismiss it as a reason to never use C++ and instead switch to Obj-C.
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