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Hello everyone. Wow everyone is so smart here. I was just wondering if there's anyone that can help me code something. Such as I just recently started a private server with my friend. We got the Monster ID's. World spawn. Skills. Items. and all we need is to make all of our NPC's talk. I know you all must be saying "OMFG THEY GOT ALL OF THAT DONE AND THEY CANT MAKE NPC's TALK?! ROFL" but yea I really need help on this. I've been searching for 2 days on how to make a NPC talk. I already have all the NPC Id's and everything. So if there's someone out there that can help, it would be realy appreciated. Thanks
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I dont really understand the nature of your problem, are you using some premade game engine?
Is the problem actually getting them to say anything or is it trying to make them sound human?

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Also, do be advised that this is a Mac coder's forum, so we might not be able to help you. Smile
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