Scheme implementations for 2d game-dev?

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Do any of you have a scheme implementation to suggest for 2d game-dev? Requirements are that it has bindings to SDL.
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Dunno if I've ever heard of such a thing. DrScheme has a bunch of really basic classes for writing games with, but nothing too exciting really.

I've been playing around with Chibi Scheme a little lately and really like it. It has a very straightforward C API (especially if you use the boehm garbage collector) and wouldn't be too hard to wrap what you need of SDL as you go.

Unless you are using <fill in very popular language here> you are probably not going to be able to find a lot of high quality bindings to anything. I usually just write what I need as I go.

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I've used Chicken Scheme [] before, though it isn't multi-threadable so it's usefulness might be limited for your purposes.

I thought there was an SDL binding, but I could be mistaken. It has facilities for using C libraries, so it could be made to work.

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