Microsoft is providing game writing tutorials!

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I hope someone in Apple has noticed this as well!

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The Coding4Fun Developer Center was built by a few of us at Microsoft who also consider ourselves hobbyist developers on the nights and weekends. We built this site in our spare time, on a shoestring budget, with a whole lot of passion for giving back to the hobbyist developer community.

So its not really microsoft, more some guys at microsoft. But nonetheless, very cool.

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lol microsoft making games, like king kong and stuff. The T-Rex sticks its head through every wall It can find in that game.

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Whether this is done by Microsoft or employees of them, I think its good that something like this exists. The web is scattered with thousands, possibly millions of small tutorials to do this or that, but many of them aren't very well written and thus don't explain much, or they only talk about a singular topic and don't bother to tie it into anything else.

What good does learning to load textures do, when they don't tell you how, at least in glance, to apply those textures.

So when someone bothers to create a comprehensive tutorial or series of tutorials, I think it can only help regardless of who writes them.
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