So you want to make a MMORPG?

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Well, this may or not be a shock, but the best way to get into the game industry is to start making games. This means code (don't shudder, it's really not that bad). I would recommend something like Processing (, blitz basic (, or C if you're brave (and have some prior knowledge of programming). Many of us would be glad to help you get started.

Please keep in mind: game design, while important, is nothing without programming, and programming, while fun at times, is hard work.

First off, even if you see a job and Blizzard for game design, remember that the best game designers know what the programmers are capable of and don't make excessive demands. A MMORPG is THE largest project possible in the gaming world, and it is likely that none of us here could do this project even if we wanted to. MMORPGs require massive budgets, a tightly integrated team of programmers, artists, designers, and content people, as well as play testers and management/advertising. In short, way outside the normal budget of independent developers. I'm not saying that your dream MMORPG project is impossible; the hard truth is simply that you likely do not have nearly enough experience or capitol to realistically undertake a project of this magnitude it at the moment.

Good ideas will fly, but you've got to have more than and idea. An idea is meaningless until you actually do something about it. Coming to this forum is a good idea, you're at the right place. I'm sorry so say that if you come here looking for programmers and resource creators for a project and only have a design to show for it, you will likely get flamed by people who equate "I would like to begin work on a MMORPG, can I get some help?" with "I wanna mak gamez! D00 werk 4 me pl33z!" or similar incoherent mentally infantile babbling.

I would suggest you follow this route:
1. Learn to program, at least to a certain degree. This will put your idea's feasibility into perspective with your resources. It will also improve your credibility. I would recommend Processing, a free Java IDE, or Blitz Basic if you're just beginning.

2. Start small. A MMORPG is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Begin by programming Pong or another simple classic, but show your design genius by making it many times better than the original, or better yet, make a new game that is equally simple but new and brilliant. People will love you for this.

3. Work your way up through the technology. David Rosen started this way, ( Check out Lugaru, but then look up Fire Pong, one of his earlier games, on google. I loved fire pong and I love Lugaru. He has the skill but used it first to make great a great pong game and only later, after years of hard work proved designed a game Lugaru.

4. When the opportunity arises, begin your MMORPG. Read: Not today, tomorrow, or even next month. I began programming when I was 8. You can do it too. I now know 15 distinct programming languages to varying degrees, and I am not even done my second game. It's 9 years later. I don't claim to be wise, or even talented, but I believe that I have improved somewhat and am closer to my goal of making a full RPG some day. It's a passion of mine, but this can not be a flight of fancy. This stuff takes time, dedication, determination, and sometimes a bit of luck.

5. Do not give up. Ever. This IS a realistic goal, but not for today. Today you should learn about variables and control structures. If you give up, your idea is lost forever.

I hope this helps you, although I make no claim towards being all knowing (That would be OSC). You must decide: do I want to take on game development as a hobby, or should I find another outlet for my artistic ability?

I know which one I would pick.

If you try coding and don't like it, take up writing, or drawing, or music. Art is the spice of life, don't let it die.

And if you really want to code but can't seem to get started, ask around on this forum, or (although my schedule is a little tight these days), add me, AIM: josephduchesne , MSN: , or drop a line via email: . I'll always try to help because I owe any semblance of my own coding skills to the people who have suffered my ridiculous questions over the years as I learned myself (such as OneSadCookie and SkyHawk, to name two).
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