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I need to decode 'csnd' resources that I can get hex dumps from viewing some wolfenstien data files in res edit,
I know that they are the sound files in game and I've done a _lot_ of searching the net and found very little,

Any information about the format would be greatly appreciated and would help me hugley, I dont mind reinstalling MPW to compile classic app's if they can play csnd's.

I've found this much information so far:

Apple II File Type Notes Wrote:Here's how we would have upgraded AIFF to handle compressed audio, if we had
had a Format Version Chunk already in AIFF:

o Compression is optional. What follows is only for the compressed case.
o Don't change the format of the COMM Chunk. Existing programs can still
read it.
o Add a "Compression Descriptor" Chunk containing the 4-letter compression
type code and the compression name string. (The code is for programs.
The string is for alerts when the code is unrecognized.)
o Replace the SSND Chunk with a Compressed Sound-Data Chunk "CSND".
(Existing programs will ignore it.)

o Change the Format Version date (for the sake of alerts).
o Add the optional Saxel Chunk.

SoundMusicSystem.h Wrote:/*
** SoundMusicSys.h
** Structures for handling the sounds used by system
** © 1989-1994 by Halestorm, Inc, All Rights Reserved
** 5/20/91 Added csnd compressed resource based upon the LZSS algo.
** 9/19/93 Exposed DeltaDecompressHandle for Larry, for those who want to decompress a 'csnd' resource

The Halestorm SoundMusicSystem lib is a predecessor to QuickTime Music Architecture (and beatnik).

Thanks to anyone who can give me some more information about this file format, I'm really stuck here, but I will continue searching.

I've uploaded some of the sound files extracted from the game, with thier DLZSS'd counterparts (and the program to decompress them). I'm not 100% sure that im DLZSS'ing them correctly but I tested this algorithm before and it works for the bitmaps.
So for anyone willing to take a look http://www.fax.xmgfree.com/DLSZZ.zip

thanks again!

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In case anyone is searching the net for csnd stuf and so on, I got it to work
The Halestorm SoundMusicSys.h has a function for exporting the waveform of a sound so I just copied and pasted the appropriate wolf3d code and made it play the sound and export it, then you can play the raw sound file with anything you like Grin

#include <Types.h>
#include <Memory.h>
#include <Quickdraw.h>
#include <Fonts.h>
#include <Events.h>
#include <Menus.h>
#include <Windows.h>
#include <TextEdit.h>
#include <Dialogs.h>
#include <OSUtils.h>
#include <ToolUtils.h>
#include <SegLoad.h>
#include <Sound.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include "SoundMusicSystem.h"
#include "Sounds.h"

#define MySoundList 135    /* List of sound effects to log */

typedef unsigned int Word;
typedef unsigned long LongWord;

//typedef unsigned char Byte;
//typedef unsigned char Boolean;
/* Prototypes */
void * LoadAResource(Word RezNum);
void * LoadAResource2(Word RezNum,LongWord Type);
void ReleaseAResource(Word RezNum);
void ReleaseAResource2(Word RezNum,LongWord Type);
void PlaySound(Word SoundNum);
Word getSoundID(Word SoundNum);

//#define    PurgeSongs(purge)            MusicDriverHandler(kPurgeFlag, (long)(purge));

void * LoadAResource(Word RezNum)
    return (LoadAResource2(RezNum,'BRGR'));

Handle RezHandle;

void * LoadAResource2(Word RezNum,LongWord Type)
    Handle MyHand;
    MyHand = GetResource(Type,RezNum);
    if (MyHand) {
        RezHandle = MyHand;
        return *MyHand;
    return 0;

void ReleaseAResource(Word RezNum)

void ReleaseAResource2(Word RezNum,LongWord Type)
    Handle MyHand;
    MyHand = GetResource(Type,RezNum);    /* Get the resource if available */
    HPurge(MyHand);            /* Mark handle as purgeable */

Word getSoundID(Word SoundNum)
    if (SoundNum) {
        return SoundNum&0x7fff;
    return -1;

void PlaySound(Word SoundNum)
    if (SoundNum) {
        if (SoundNum&0x8000) {        /* Mono sound */
    } else {

//MW specified argument and return type.
int main(void)
    short int *SoundListPtr;
    Byte * bites;
    long len;
    FILE *fptr;
    //PurgeSongs(TRUE);            /* Allow songs to stay in memory */
    SoundListPtr = (short int *) LoadAResource(MySoundList);    /* Get the list of sounds */
    ReleaseAResource(MySoundList);            /* Release the sound list */
    bites = GetSoundWaveform(getSoundID(SND_OPENDOOR));
     len = GetSoundLength(getSoundID(SND_OPENDOOR));
     fptr = fopen("SND_OPENDOOR", "w");
     fwrite(bites, 1,len, fptr);
Byte *        GetSoundWaveform(short int theID);
long        GetSoundLength(short int theID);
long        GetSoundDefaultRate(short int theID);
long        GetSoundLoopStart(short int theID);
long        GetSoundLoopEnd(short int theID);
    do {} while (!Button());
    //do {
    //    NewBall();
    //} while (!Button());

    return 0;    

Sir, e^iπ + 1 = 0, hence God exists; reply!
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