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I cant figure out how to make scrolling smooth and fast.

I use a loop to draw my images, using X,Y cordinates.
When I press LEFT I decrease X by 1.

Everything works, it scrolls everything one pixel to the left.... but it goes very slow! If I press and hold left it drags forward so.. very.. slow!Takes maybe 5 seconds to scroll 50 pixels to the left.

Can it be because of the number of images I display? its about 50 or so smaller images (like textures)...

I worked from this tutorial :

When I try his example the box moves ALOT faster then my map scrolls in my own program.
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sorry, to make it alittle more clear.. I am at work and does not have all code in my head tho..

int x,y; // Where i decide I want to start drawing, top left.
int i,j=0;

// Every frame this runs. 40x40 images, so...
DrawIMG(grass, i * 40 + x, j * 40 + y);

When I press left I decrease X--; so all images should be put 1 pixel to the left next frame.
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You will want to move the screen based on your current frames per second, this will give you a more uniformed speed across diffrent computers and should fix some of the choppyness you are experincing

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Transforming the view matrix is often faster than transforming the scene.
Don't forget to clip.

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