Simple CarbonEvent Question

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Quote:case kEventRawKeyDown:
GetEventParameter(event, kEventParamKeyMacCharCodes, typeChar, nil,
sizeof(charCode), nil, &charCode);
gKeyState[charCode] = true;

Sorry if im missing a really really easy answer but how do I tell if the return and enter keys have been pressed? I tried checking for "\n" and "\r"

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#define returnKey 0x0D

if(charcode == returnKey)

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uh, 0x0D is '\r'...
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From events.h

kEnterCharCode = 3,
kReturnCharCode = 13,

and so...

char theChar;
GetEventParameter (event, kEventParamKeyMacCharCodes, typeChar, NULL, sizeof(char), NULL, &theChar);

if (theChar == (char)kReturnCharCode || theChar == (char)kEnterCharCode)

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