OMG entry: "Fylakas" testers and feedback

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When I tried to play this, I couldn't really figure out the controls, and the camera kept going all over the place, seemingly at random... Is this a known bug, or am I just not understanding the camera system?
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How fast is your computer? If it's a 1Ghz iBook or slower, then it'll play like how George Bush talks. (just kidding!) I developed this to be played on faster hardware -having said that, my four year old G4 desktop plays it just fine.

The camera will dynamically track your position, so just worry about moving the main character. The only time this gets overridden is when you're near the tree, in which case it keeps both you and the tree in view while zooming out to better compose the shot.

So, which machine are you trying it on, and is it the windowed or fullscreen version?

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Man. This game pissed me off. I was so excited when I figured out how to play it. Right so I'm flying along (ignoring the inexplicable reason that my bird hugs the land scape with incredible accuracy >.<) and I get all but the last two fing souls, which by the way, I am not entirely sure, I had to make an educated guess as to how many gaps were in the spirit spiral, and how many I saw stranded out in the world. So the first one I am trying to catch is being "tormented". No problem, so I get it away from its tormentor and it follows me for about 5 seconds. I swear this one has ADD. It suddenly just ups and takes off. I wasn't flying to fast or to slow, it was right over me all happy and the like. I mean, maybe it got irritated that I couldn't find the darn tree 'cause I got so lost out there not to mention the lack of pointers or indicators telling me where to go. So I basically gave up on that one, but I would often pass the second soul which strangely seemed to be perfectly still, maybe it was trying to not attract attention O.o. Ok no problem, I'm close by in my futile attempts to catch the first last soul, so I'll just catch this one since it's standing still, you know maybe the second last one was actually the last last, and there was some sort of story behind it, which would be reviled once I had all but that one. Ok so I am flying directly towards it. BAM! Out of no where I've lost visual, and the land scape has changed. I must have done the wrap around. After 5 more unsuccessful attempts, I just gave up and sadly quit the program, knowing that all my hard work, and the 2 hours of my life I spent playing that game would not pay off.

Don't get me wrong, I had tons of fun playing it up until the last part. Well... The camera kinda sucked when going up and down hills, but man, cool game, nice story. I'd suggest some wispy particle effects (around a point which is the entity) as replacements to your "skull and crossbones".

Glad to see v1.0 out. I'll give it a try hopefully it fixed the bugs I colorfully described for you Grin

Well since everyone else is doing it:
Twilight Coders
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Oh Volte, it warms a developer's heart to hear when people actually play their games ( ;

If you were checking out the a version before 1.0.x, then yes, there were a lot of y tracking issues...but the camera and fylakas flying pattern has been updated since, so at least check that out and let me know what you think...

Here's my to-do list for the next major update:
1. Radar system / map so you can find the tree much more easier
2. Wrap around solutions for hunting down souls.
Also, because I'm a big fan of easing motion in 3d, I need to tweak my fps adjustment code for my easing function. Right now, it does NOT run system independent. Want to talk about what a pain in the butt that is?! This is accounting for any "not so smooth" behavior you're experiencing. Fixing that is number three...
3. Easing needs to be FPS adjusted like other rates in the game.

(IMPORTANT) 4. This was concieved as a year long project. Check out the data folder... you'll see an object called citywalls.obj and a folder of texturemapped houses. Thats right, there's going to be a full city in the final game that is based off of the street layouts of my home town, Pittsburgh (using literally hundred year old streetmaps I dug up from our library). There's more trees to be had, which you'll be able to perch in, falling leaves, wheat fields, dialog... Its painful to see how reduced this had to be to have a compilable entry to OMG. Sad

So I've got to say this is about 45% of the complete idea I had. The finished game will play much differently, be much much more rewarding, and certainly much less buggy! ; )

Out of curiousity, despite how frustrated that made you, did you still pass along a favorable vote?
P =

as always...thanks for your thoughts!!
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Oh and whispy particles for the souls- that'll be number 3.5 on my to do list.. nice touch! Smile
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