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Leisure Suit Lurie Wrote:For the truly lazy, here's Google's take:

Good to see they think I have the 7-13 year old market. Rasp

I liked one of the comments which questioned why you have to stop playing Illuminations when you turn 78. Smile
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Quote:Retrovirus: A kind of puzzle rather nicely carried out and rather hooker (for all ages).

Hm. He played a different game than I did then. Rasp

"Yes, well, that's the sort of blinkered, Philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative garbage."
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Quote:about to close its doors in order to return its verdict
Order in the court, order in the court, or I'll clear the court!

Quote:There is really sympathetic software
The lives of the people who spend all their free time bringing joy (games) to others may be, but surely not the games? Wink

Quote:Quasimodo meets Sonic
This week on Pay-Per View, Quasimodo Meets Sonic and all hell breaks loose!

Good stuff!

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Quote: it is necessary to bring the small pawns of failures to the house without the unpleasant malicious one not destroying them

so dramatic... !
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