A Custom Window for a Game

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How do I make a customized window in cocoa for graphic purposes?

What I want to do:

-allocate and intitalize window 100 x 100 pixels in size, but without the usuals: title bar, minimize button, etc.

-make the alpha value of the window transparent, so the rectangle that forms the window isn't seen

-create a graphics view over the window so that any opaque drawing on top of the window may be used to make custom circular window for my game

The best example of what I mean already exists. It's the floating clock that comes with OS X 10.3.5. In analog mode it floats atop windows. It can be moved around with mouse drag. But, I don't have any hints from my books or from the examples from Xcode.

How do I create this kind of window and view?
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GIYF. I found this quickly enough: http://developer.apple.com/samplecode/Ro...indow.html
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Thank you. I'll let you know how this artical helps.
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