Can't use NSString to put a number on screen?

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I'm trying to put up a number, a float to be exact, on a custom view. It's part of a simple animation loop using NSTimer, but anyhow, I can't think of a way to use make NSMutableString accept a number.

I understand for arrays and such, I can use NSNumber numberWithFloat:0.0 to convert to an object, but NSNumber doesn't have the displaying functionality that NSMutableString has.(like NSString)

So, how do I convince NSMutableString to accept the float (or any number)? I can do normal text just fine. Or there's a different way to do it without going through NSMutableString's drawing method? I'm guessing it's one of those fundamental things a newbie like myself has to ask.. it's probably too basic people don't even write about it.
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+[NSMutableString stringWithFormat]
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got it. thanks. I kept on bangin' the setString: method, no wonder it didn't work. Is that method inherited from NSString? cuz I dont' see it in the NSMutableStrings list.. oh well, classes are cool, but things are so hard to comprehend when I'm still learning the class hiarchy.
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void floatToString
     float     aFloat = 3.14;
     NSNumber * myNum;
     NSString * myStringFloat;

     myNum = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:aFloat];

     myStringFloat = [NSString stringWithString:[myNum stringValue]];

     NSLog(@"Converted value:  %s", [myStringFloat cString]);
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