NSImage and NSView problems

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Hi, I'm having problems with resizing my NSView. When I make it smaller, it doesn't clear the old area where it was drawn. Example:
What I don't want
What I do want
I got the second image by simply shrinking the window to the dock and popping it back. That cleared the crap.
The code I'm using is:
[self setFrameSize:NSMakeSize(x,y)];
self being the NSView.

My second problem is totally unrelated... I'm trying to load a 300DPI file into an NSImage, but it seems to be scaling it to 72DPI before it draws even though I'm telling it not to change the image data
image=[NSImage imageNamed:@"test"];
[image setDataRetained:YES];
[image setCachedSeparately:YES];

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
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you could try [NSColor clearColor] then fillRect([self bounds]) to clear the NSView or if that doesnt work [self setNeedsDisplay:YES]; to redraw the view after you resize it.
Im not really sure about the second problem but did you try [image setScalesWhenResized:YES/NO]?

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