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Does someone know any good 3d modeller, animation and rendering applications that's FREE (or realy cheap) for OSX? I already know Blender, Wings3d and Cheetah 3D. Cheetah 3D is on the top line of what the program can cost. And, if the program isn't free, i want to have the possibility to download a trial/demo version. I think Wings3d is good enough for pollygon modelling, but, it doesn't support nurbs, textures and stuff like that. =(
I like the GUI that Cheetah 3d and Maya are using, but i doesn't like the GUI that Blender and Lightwave are using. (i've tried Lightwave and Maya on Windows)

Edit: I forgot to tell that i want a render and animation application too if there's any good ones that's free...^^
Or, maybe animation and rendering integrated in the modelling application.
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Wings does support textures (though not particularly well), and it seems to me ( as a non-artist Wink ) that NURBS are irrelevant when you have subdivision surfaces.

Blender's animation interface is nearly usable (unlike the rest of the program). Modeling in Wings, then animating in Blender might be a good compromise.

You've missed misfit model 3d (see link in this thread: http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9436 for mac installer packages) from your list.

http://www.yafray.org/ and http://www.povray.org/ are high-quality free renderers.
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yafray looks good. I'll check it out!
I'll check Mistif too...but need to sleep now. Maybe Blender is better with a multi button mouse...Grin
But...i still doesn't like the GUI of that program...looks like mistif has a OK gui.
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Another option, On Ebay there is someone selling Carrara 3 Studio for about $80. Although you mentioned you didn't like Lightwave interface so I wonder if you'll simply detest Carrara because of it's non standard LAF.

C3 isn't much different than C4 so no real benefit in spending $500 for C4. The Vertex Modeller is usable, I think it handles SubDivision surfaces reasonably well. It's renderer, especially the Global Illumination option is pretty good and pretty spunky in terms of performance. There are some oddities with the program but if you know about them you can work with/around them.

UV mapping will still need to be done externally with a uv mapper of some sort. I think it comes with UVMapper the free version for the PC. I don't know if it comes with anything for the mac included. V4's uv mapper isn't much to speak of and you'd probably want to look elsewhere as well.

Animation wise, unless it's very simple, Carrara is not your choice.

Eovia has a trial version of V4 available. I believe a 3DWorld Magazine had a full version of C2 (or maybe even C3) on the CD it comes with. That might be even cheaper to get if you can find the right issue. C2 is also pretty capable but it didn't have SubDiv. Surface option in it's vertex modeller and it's renderer was about half as slow as C3 even though C2 was still considered pretty fast.

Just another option to consider.
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Blender definitely requires a multi-button mouse. Blender does have a pretty unintuitive interface and a higher barrier to entry, but I feel that it's worth taking the time to learn. The modeller is really powerful. The animation tools are great. The texturing is pretty good. It's got full python support so you can export to whatever format that you may need. It has native support for Yafray. Plus it's free.

I feel that Wings is a waste of time. Sure it may be easier to use, but the modeller isn't as powerful. Plus the texturing is terrible and there's no animation support. There's a huge glass ceiling to Wings. I'd rather just spend the extra time learning a more complicated, and yet more powerful, program.
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It has a great texturer and it's rendering is close to Pov-ray and yafray.
(it [b]did[/d] have some errors with it's displacement texturing when rendering on OSX... he upgrades it like twice a month and so I haven't gotten used to the new features and haven't tryed displacement maps to see if he fixed it...)

But, it's kinda slow (it's Java)

That's the only reason I'm looking for a good renderer.
I'm looking into Pixie It's a command line renderer I've gotten it to compile it on Jaguar...

I use Wings to model and AOI to render.
Once you get to understand AOI's texturing it's fairly easy to texture.

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blender has to be the best free 3d package out there. i would suggest using that.
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Bachus Wrote:I feel that Wings is a waste of time. Sure it may be easier to use, but the modeller isn't as powerful.
I don't know about that - Wings has more useful rudimentary polygon modelling tools like normal based scaling/moving (hopefully Blender will get these soon!) and less often needed but nonetheless handy tools like lift, inset, intrude, and (usable) bevelling. I do prefer Blender for a lot of things, but I wouldn't be so quick to write off Wings. Blender has good import/export support for .wings files and once you set up Wings to use more Blender-ish key shortcuts switching between the two apps becomes fairly painless.
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