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As I plan to learn by my own for the rest of this summer(read: No projects available around my skill level that I know of), are there any decent set of ideal rules for the indenting & general format of code for others working with you to see? The last time I showed a friend he thought my format was atrocious Rasp.

Any advice would be appreciated Smile
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There are so many different ways of doing it, and everyone seems to be attached to their own. Google around a bit and you'll find a few (the GNU coding standards come to mind) and you can check indent and similar programs. Other than that it pretty much comes down to personal style... TMTOWTDI Smile

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As a rule I indent my code every time there is a seperate loop, if statement, function, or just a set of commands that go together. How you Indent is up to you, I like using tabs.
program {
    declare stuff
    declare more stuff

    function() {
        do stuff in function

    get input()
    if (input == this) then
        do this
        and this
        and this
        do this
    print("I like waffles")

Basically seperating the different workngs of the program. But everyone has there individual style, like where they put the curly brackets.
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I think that is the greatest program I've ever seen LOL
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That's it, Steven! From now on all unusual acronyms have to be linked to the definition! KWIM?!

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