Starting from scratch? (PHP Background)

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AnotherJake...that is the best reply I've gotten to any question I've ever asked. hahaha Thank you so very much.
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OneSadCookie Wrote:I'd rather stick to good ol' dependable C than get stuck in a quagmire of multiple virtual protected inheritance with templates, operator overloading and copy constructors in C++ Wink

That "quagmire" of templates and operator overloading has allowed me to shorten my code by about 10 to 15% on average, leaving me with cleaner, more legible algorithms. Frankly, I like having a templated lrp() function ( and dozens of others that work on anything with the right operators exposed ), and vector, matrix and quaternion classes with full operator support.

Plus, the STL is fantastic. Many times I've been able to go from dozens of lines of c-like code to a handful of STL, with better performance in the end, because the algorithms could be focused on over the implementation.

I'm not knocking c. But I do have love for C++. It just has to be used wisely, is all.
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I second everything Another Jake said... wow textbook example of a great post

When I first decided to delve into the cryptic world of programming I bought myself a copy of "Programming in C++" and "C++ for dummies" without any forsight. I tried to follow but ended up completely lost... then again I was 16 and rather immature...

C seems to be a good starting point, being powerful enough to create large projects (as games usually are) and still remain friendly to newcomers.

I'm excited to see your progress, stick around!
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>>AnotherJake...that is the best reply I've gotten to any question I've ever asked.

>>I second everything Another Jake said... wow textbook example of a great post

Wow, that doesn't happen very often. Thanks for the compliments! Smile
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[edit]*claps* this is his 360th post[/edit]

I just had a simple thought... My C++ tutorial starts teaching C++ specific things in chapter 14...

The first 13 are all C compatible. (except for the cout)

The only reason I use C++ in my test apps is for the debugging application of cout.

If anybody want's to create a game it all reverts back to Machine Code/Assembly language...

Ok, the only difference between C and C++ are the classes, which enhances support for STL which in turn gives your API's a much more to work with...

If you understand structure's you'll easly understand classes 101, and once you understand inheritance and virtual functions, which I learned in three days *shudders*, you have a much easyer time controlling things...

For instance... all C class functions you would have to add pointer argument in all of them... and you don't support virtual functions which in a large product can save up to 3000 lines of switch code....

In my latest project I'm crossing Cocoa/ObjC with C++ which I find extremly cool.
(even thought those ObjC++ files take for-ever to compile)

I see that the first poster has 1 post...

So an actual reply would probably just be wasting my time... (no offense)

Anyway, I suggest learning C++ first... because the first few chapters will use C stuff only.
(except for cout which is a really advanced object)

Great C/C++ tutorial
this tutorial does not cover function pointers. which are a pain in the tail to link sometimes.

Global warming is caused by hobos and mooses
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Quote:I'd suggest you start small.
You mean like this...
[Image: Debugger.png]


Though on a more helpful note, you could actually try SmallTalk via Squeak:
Intro at Apple
Official Page

This is an old article at O'Reilly, but it has interesting tidbits for newcomers:
Quote:Much is made of the fact that Java syntax is similar to C/C++ syntax. The use of the familiar C-like syntax helped Java quickly become a widely accepted language. Experienced programmers new to Java could quickly write working code, but often this code didn't capture the spirit of Java. What was missing was the object-orientedness of Java. You'll find much of Java's OO roots in Smalltalk.

Also, WikiBooks has a short intro to ObjC:

This bit is from Usenet (very old post) but neat history...
[QUOTE>>> BZZT. Wrong. Java was modelled on a number of languages, most
>>> importantly Modula-3 and C++.

>> Of course, it's nonsense that Java was modelled off of NewtonScript,
>> but it's even goofier to say that Java was based on Modula-3 and C++.

>> Java's *syntax* may resemble C++, but it has no similarity to C++
>> as a language. Java's chief *semantics* are dynamically-bound and
>> use single inheritance, class objects, and an extensive runtime system.
>> C++ and Modula-3 are as far away from this model as any object-oriented
>> language can be.

>> Java is clearly semantically derivative of Smalltalk and other
>> languages related to it. Most notably, NeXT's
>> Objective-C is almost uncannily similar to Java: single inheritance,
>> dynamic binding, dynamic loading, "class" objects, interfaces,
>> and now methods stored as data (a-la Java's "reflection" library),
>> all-virtual functions, you name it. It's almost weird.

> Hardly weird it was by design actually. As I remember my Java history
> Patrick Naughton the gentleman who got the ball rolling was about to
> quit Sun and join up with NeXT. He happened to be on the same
> intermural hockey team as Scott McNealy. Scott told him to hold off,
> write what he thought was wrong with Sun before he left. Patrick
> didn't leave and was one of the original Oak people. I would like
> to think his affinity for NeXTSTEP showed up in Java, with it
> having an close look and feel to that of Objective-C. (The main
> language on NeXTSTEP)

BTW, anyone ever read this blog:
(The Missing Link: From Objective-C To Java )


Carlos A. Camacho,
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