The concept of 2d fighting game

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hi everybody. I want to know another main point to make 2d fighting game. I just make this game in progress. How to detect collision, display bitmap . But another that i don't know about dynamic background, special effect with tranparency or blending, antialiasing , and the main point is performance. How to manage display time each sprite or bitmap?. I use delphi programming. thanx for assistance. Smile
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This is a Mac programming forum, so although there are a few people here who have experience of Delphi, you're not likely to get that much in-depth help from people – you are of course welcome to stay though Wink

As it is, you're unlikely to get that much help wherever you post if nobody can understand your question (and apologies if English isn't your first language...)

Are you asking for a link to a collision detection article? For a link to a article on OpenGL for rendering your sprites and backgrounds? What?

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As a Mac game programming forum you're not going to get much help on the non-Mac Delphi here. You might want to check Also typing "delphi games" into google turned up a lot of links.

Nayr Wrote:learn a real language for making games.

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Nayr Wrote:learn a real language for making games.

Delphi is quite real with a significant user base. It is imaginary on the Mac though.

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Btw, sry for my previous post. (deleted now). I was extremely tired this morning, and wasn't thinking right. The funny thing is, I actually use Delphi Rasp I would recommend for tutorials; they have many nice ones there. I believe that many of nehe's tutorials also have Delphi Ports.

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