So you want to make a MMORPG

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So...... go......... learn........

Read a book, visit some web sites, use that big gray muscle of yours.....

Translation: no one is going to hold your hand. There are plenty of resources available on the site and accessible by searching google that will get you started. Good luck to you.
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Slow down, take a deep breath, compose full, English sentences, and write more than one sentence in a post. If you have a second thought shortly after posting, you'll find an "edit" button at the bottom of your post.

As Seth says, you're unlikely to find someone to hold your hand (particularly if you continue to behave as you have so far), so take some time to do some research for yourself.

If you don't know how to program, that's a good place to start. Pick a programming language at random (I recommend C, Java or Python) and follow some web tutorials.
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Check out bruce eckel I learned a lot of the java I know from him, excellent and free like everything should be (im wishing cos im skint). But there really good books.

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How do you suppose a mmorpg requiem turned into another documentation link spot? This seems to happen a lot. Rasp
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Quote:How do you suppose a mmorpg requiem turned into another documentation link spot? This seems to happen a lot.

Lol... It's like using a no smoking sign as a cigarette tray...

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about what you said, joseph:

Check out Oberin ( they have a team of 3-4 devs, and they made a very good MMORPG. I'm just giving an example of what you can do with 3-4 people. The game is also completely free.
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What if you're too ******** to learn? Or have too little time? Or ADD?
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Then you are doomed to never create a MMORPG, and the world will have one less badly designed/badly implemented one.

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Just joined because i stumbled on this thread, Now i know that the question im about to ask is not only going to probably insult the intelligence of all you code know it alls Grin but it's probably gonna also make you roll your eyes .... Here goes.

What do i need to do to make a MMORPG?

Now im going to try and justify myself before i get verbally beaten to a pulp ....
Yes i have no experience of coding, Yes all i have is an idea, Yes i want to make an MMORPG with this qualifications.

I know now that i will need to learn code so where are the best places to start my teachings? (a coding for dummies if possible Grin ) Is there any routes i can take to maybe selling or purposing an idea to a company who can make this happen? What type of team will i need and can find to consult about the possiblites of my game coming alive?

I do thank you for your time on reading my post and i am sorry if ive caused any frustration in your day with another repeated question by a 'n00b'


- BrokenSaint
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I want to make a text based game using php/mysql. Have you got any sites that will give me small tuts to help accomplise this goal? Google is not helping as my result return with a to high a level of tuts.
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I started learning programming with Flash. Its very good for making simple games. Another, slightly more complex one is Java. It is also very good, it can handle 3D and even make mmorpg games however it is a little slow. If you want to get anywhere with 3D, there are plenty of programs, but my personal favourite is Blender (its also free!) It can work with python to allow you to turn your 3D world into a video game, so if you get blender I suggest you learn python programming language instead of C++ or other languages which can be used to make games. If you aren't going to use blender, however, I suggest C++ because it IS faster, but python should be good enough. As far as books go, ebay, amazon (if you live in US which I don't, but it seems to have a lot) and lots of bookstores seem to sell the books you need, and I happen to have a java for dummy's book so you can get them.

I hope I answered your questions?
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Sorry about another seemingly pointless post, and as my fellow n00b up there said "sorry". But there is a very "blunt" point to this as it were: I have recently got a hold of (not saying how) MS Visual Basic 6.0, and I was wondering what type of code would i be best off learning. I think this is quite a stupid question, especially since the program title actually INCLUDES the word "Basic". But I dont want to spend my holidays learning Basic or C++ only to find out I needed Java or Python, etc. So could someone please save me the trouble and tell me; maybe a link? Thanks Smile

P.S. This probably wouldn't make a difference, but I'm making an "Action/Chat/MMORPG"
Thanks again.
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Well, SonJimothy, it doesn't really matter what language you learn, since almost everything you learn from one language will apply to most other languages as well. Once you learn one language, its not that hard to learn another.

Anyways, I have been thinking about an MMORPG. I am currently making a regular graphical RPG. I use Visual Basic 6, and am pretty comfortable with it. Is it possible to create an MMO with VB? Or should I learn something more powerful, like C or Java? Also, how exactly would you go about creating an MMORPG? I have looked at some stuff for creating MUDs on the internet, and they basically describe it as using a chatroom as the basis for the game, and building it from there. Would the same concepts apply for a graphical MMO? If so, can someone point me to some tutorials for creating a basic chatroom in VB6, or some other language? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Everyone.


Perhaps you can help me, i know there are a lot of questions on the board right now but i also have a few if you would.

I have an idea for an MMO. Actualy its more of a diplomatic statagy type MMO RP game.
For about 2 year I would stay up all night thinking of ideas for this game, which at the time was suposed to be a board game. Coincidentally at the same time I was playing both Morrowind and Oblivion of the Elderscrolls series. Rather than play them I would mostly use something called the "Construction Set" which came with the game and allowed you to change the game as you saw fit, along with code. It had its own language and that was my first experiance with code. I spent countless hours coding new things into those games, and when I mentioned this to my father he told me I should learn VB since he was taking a course. I wasn't very enthused about it. as time passed I realised my board game was too complex and it just wouldn't be playable, there was too much too it and so i gave up on the idea, very sad. Just a few weeks ago my friend said to me, "man i would love to make a RPG board game..". Thank god for it, he rekindled the flame. And its a funny thing, you realise answers so much faster when your explaining the problem to someone else. The solution was simple, this isn't a board game it's a computer game. And so ive been learning VB since.

Now, i came about this forum doing a google search to see what others thought about making an MMO with VB. I realise that I have to learn everything on my own, but i am no artist, and I have very little experiance with making a game from scratch.

My Idea:
MMO game where you are in a world with thousands of other people with no real direction.
As you venture on you meet people make companions, start a guild/clan make a village, eventualy a town, a castle. Wage wars on other cities for land. Diplomacy. People living in this world as a black smith, assassin, farmer, knight, general. Or you log on every day as one of the lucky few who have had the influence to become a King of a great city, and command the respect of 2000 other online users who would die for you, as once you die, you restart the game as a lonely nobody at the bottem of the ladder. Therfore, every life is its own, when you are logged off you sleep. What if you die in your sleep? This depends on how much protection you have, how many enamies you've made ect. Some users are vampires who seek to suck you dry in your sleep, or otherwise convert you into their brotherhood. You could be a wanted man in many places with a large bounty onyour head, finding salvation only with your band of underdogs. The bottem line is that this would be a world where anything is posible, you could be drinking in a tavern with some freinds, and the next day you find out you are going to be defending the city from and attack of several hundred, and above all else, defend the king/leader. Its much less general than this. This is the big picture. I have pages and pages of ideas.

Now know it sounds like a lot, but it would not be a highly graphical game, something between Diablo II and something for super nintendo. Going with game play and content over graphix. General atmosphere or feeling is that your in the place where you mean nothing living a simple life, but also knowing that by assassination a king, or by persuading the othorities, can change the world.

Questions i have:
what does it cost to keep server for this? or do i need one?
who's the **** is with me
If nothing else, words of encuragement
I would love to hear feedback
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Hello, I just joined and was simply wandering; do you need to be good in Math to be able to get into creating mmorpgs? Or games in general?
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