glColor4f and glBlendFunc for fading to white?

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hey everyone, potentially dumb question alert...

i know how to use glColor4f to get a texture to fade to black, or fade to pretty much any color, except white... my images are not greyscale, they have their own color information..

so let's say I want an enemy to flash white when it gets damaged or something. clearly color4f (1,1,1,1) just gives the texture all its proper colors... i think there may be something i can tweak with glBlendFunc to get the effect i want, but...

I'm sure this has a relatively easy solution..
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Disable GL TEXTURE 2D and just draw it white?

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Lurie's solution works if you're doing 3d models - but if you're doing billboarded sprites, it won't. In that case, your only solution (that I know of) is to have the sprites duplicated with only the alpha information filled out, all the color channels white. Perhaps you could find a way with glBlendFunc?
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I can think of two sort-of good solutions.
1) Use the additive texture environment function instead of modulate.
2) Do some finagling so that your sprite's alpha mask is drawn into the framebuffer and then blend a colored quad over the top of that using the framebuffer alpha as the mask.

I might fiddle around with this tonight.
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