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Hi All, Have spent many hours before now searching for a place to post a thread to ask for help on Iphone Game Dev and I though clearly it has to be here...

Im a uni student at DMU studying Computer Games programming ( am amateur at c++ and c) , Im in my third year and have chosen my final year project to be to develop a game for the iphone:

I have decided to do
bowling, but with a twist: Use polar bear as ball ( rolled ) and penguins as the 10 pins. The world shall be set in the arctic and will be multiplayer enabled ( on one handset only but option to pick how many players)

The game will follow all 10 pin bowling rules etc, and I intend to use the accelerometer as a way of spinning the ball, and flicking finger on the touch screen to throw the ball. Now i have gave you what I intend to do, all the documentation is done, however where to start.

I have several questions to begin,

Is my idea good for a beginner, I dont think its out of my ability and i want it to get on the apple store for at least a few downloads and reviews..

I am aware that its open gl ES 2.0 that i need to begin looking at for graphics,
I know that its cocoa object C as the "core" language that i shall write in,

Having searching numerous forums to search for opinions on best books, but really which ones? I know o'reilly does very well, and there is numerous amounts of tutorials on the apple developer site but i need good paper reading.

Game engines..?? there is a few about, but can It be done entirely in open GL?
I have seen tutorials on getting objects made in say 3ds max or maya onto the IPhone... Is this the best way??

Guys, any help is awesome, im new to hear and you never know, I could be of some use to yourself?? Sneaky

Thanks, Burrows
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Go for open GL ES 1.0 instead. If you go 2.0 you only allow latest ipod touch and iPhone and you cut off a big part of the market. Later, you can add advanced graphics for ES 2.0.

Grab the Lamarche book. Beginning iPhone Development It will help with the basics that you will need to understand. I know there are a couple of books on game programming, I haven't tried them yet.

I am somewhat of a purist and prefer developing my own optimized routines instead of using a game engine and trying to integrate into it.. But to each its own.

Try to go at it in piecemeal fashion, and make sure to test on a real device. The simulator is not sufficient. And you should test often on the device so you can catch performance problems before you get to the end.

Also revise the memory management rules for objective-C. This will help you always...

Good luck...
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fbronner - Thanks for your help.. I shall keep an update as i go along.. Hopefully it will be easier than i anticipate it. Coding on the dev kit i plan to start next week so its heavy book reading and tutorials until then

Thanks again
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burrows111 Wrote:Hopefully it will be easier than i anticipate it.

It's going to be a *lot* harder than you anticipate, I can guarantee that.

Keep us up to date though. We're here to help along the way! Smile
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guys im back - currently pressing through coding in a non graphical version of the bowling game - currently implementing touches moved etc to get the users type of action-

any pre advice on how to go about object collision with a ball and ten pin objects - before i look at completing this very shortly!

thanks in advance!
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Depends on what the game is supposed to look like.

If you're doing 3D, then you'd be best off to just use something like Bullet Physics and have it figure out all the collision detection and response for you.

If you're doing 2D, then there are two approaches:

If it's top-down only and you really need something that has a believable simulation look to it then I'd try using Chipmunk Physics.

If you're looking down the lane then I'd make my own "smoke and mirrors" simulation using circles for the collision primitives. Fake some momentum being high for the pins directly in contact with the ball, then lower momentum for secondary and tertiary pins. The higher the momentum, the more likely the pin will be tipsy and fall down.
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