checkers code written in OCAML?

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hi all.

currently i'm searching over the internet to find a checkers (a simple board game) implementation written in caml, but i couldn't find any. Annoyed

if anyone has and like to share it, i appreciate it.

thank you very much.
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Having never heard of OCAML, I naturally googled it. I found a language that may have seemed like a good idea to learn at first, but it is complicated for a beginner and I recommend you learn something like blitzmax or PlayKode lua first. If you already know OCAML, and you are just looking for some resources to get started on a checkers like game, I will try to help you.
Firstly, GIYF.
Secondly, I've checked google and after going through a whole load of board games that are not checkers, I came across this . That is the source code for a chinese checkers game, with the author having a site here . Note that chinese checkers and american checkers are slightly different games, american with an 8 x 8 board; and chinese with a 10 x 10 board. There are a few changes in the rules too, but I would recommend you take my first advice to find them.
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