21-Days Later: Predator Contest Results

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The Concept
From aliens to cyborgs, predators, which are usually controlled by A.I., are to be avoided in game worlds. For the next 21 days, iDevGames invites Mac developers to pay homage to our OS of choice by creating a game which places the player at the top of the food chain. Be it teeth, claw, poison, horns, cunning, blade or ballistics, it's time to make them prey.

The Judges
Glenda Adams
One of the most well-known names in the Mac game industry, Glenda was a co-founder of Maverick Software and game porting powerhouse Westlake Interactive. She has worked in the computer games industry since 1988, and has over thirty Mac games to her credit, including both ports and original shareware games. She is currently the Director of PC & Mac Development at Aspyr Media.

George Warner
George describes himself as a "Schizophrenic Optimization Scientist" and works for the Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS) Group. He can usually be found on the Mac-Game-Dev list answering questions about Mac game development.

Daniel Counsell
Daniel is the director of Realmac Software, a company he started in 2003. He's currently busy working on the next version of RapidWeaver - the easy to use website creation tool.

Mark Szymczykk
Mark is programmer and the author of the books 'Mac Game Programming' and 'Xcode Tools Sensei.' He has also written numerous tutorials for iDevGames.

The judges for the competition assigned 1-10 scores to each game, in ten categories:

* The game met the theme of the contest.
* I enjoyed playing this game.
* The play mechanics of the game were easy to understand.
* This is a game I would keep on my hard drive.
* This game was presented professionally.
* I can easily play this game during my coffee break.
* This game felt like it belonged on a Mac.
* This game ran smoothly on my machine.
* For a retro game, it was pretty original.
* I'd love to see the code for this game.

A score of 10 represented strong agreement with the statement, while a score of 1 conveyed strong disagreement. The scores in each category were then combined to determine the game's overall score. Games are ranked according to their overall score.

The Results

1. Arachnoid: Predator of Worlds
Score: 304
Developer: Justin Ficarrotta (JustinFic), Kyle Leary (CarbonX)

2. Personal Injury Lawyer
Score: 259
Developer: William Hogben

3. Bibble Biter
Score: 258
Developer: Stephen Johnson (Diordna)

4. The Temp
Score: 252
Developer: Daniel Lurie

5. The X-Fish
Score: 230
Developer: Scott Lembcke (Skorche)

6. Whack The Moles
Score: 220
Developer: SimReality Games

7. Fox Chase
Score: 202
Developer: Karl Becker (Funkboy)

8. Militant Hamster
Score: 173
Developer: Samurai Industries (Coleman Nitroy / Brian Krent)

Congratulations to all participants!
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Name/Handle of Developer: Justin Ficarrotta (JustinFic), Kyle Leary (CarbonX)
Title of Game: Arachnoid: Predator of Worlds
Version: 1.0
License: LGPL
Short description (512 max characters): What is the natural prey of a 150-foot, 20,000-ton radioactive camel spider with crushing mandibles and laser eyes? Everybody.
Requirements: Mac OS X (any), 400 MHz G3 or better, 256 MB RAM. Recommended: 1 GHz G4 or better.
Direct Download Link: http://www.justinfic.com/files/predator/...Worlds.dmg
Source Code Link: http://www.justinfic.com/files/predator/...source.dmg
Development Environment: Xcode. OpenGL + SDL
Website Link: Justin's Dev Blog

Justin Ficarrotta
"It is better to be The Man than to work for The Man." - Alexander Seropian
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Name/Handle of Developer: Stephen Johnson/Diordna
Title of Game: Bibble Biter
Version: 1.0
License: GPL
Requirements: Mac OS X
Direct Download Link: http://diordna.hostvan.com/Bibbles.zip
Direct Download Mirror (optional): N/A
Source Code Link: http://diordna.hostvan.com/BibbleSource.zip
Development Environment (optional): BlitzMax
Website Link (optional): N/A

Short description (512 max characters): Deep in the Amazon, there lives an undiscovered colony of small, fuzzy creatures called Bibbles. As a blue creature not much larger than a bibble with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, it is your sole task to keep the ever-increasing bibble population at bay, or the world will be overrun with them, much like a certain Star Trek episode.
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Name/Handle of Developer: SimReality Games
Title of Game: Whack The Moles
Version: 1.0
License: GPL
Short description (512 max characters): Simple as it sounds. Punch those stinking moles in the face!
Requirements: 10.1 or later
Direct Download Link: http://simreality.playmacgames.com/Whack...0Moles.zip
Direct Download Mirror (optional): N/A
Source Code Link: http://simreality.playmacgames.com/Whack...20Code.zip
Development Environment (optional): Xcode with Cocoa and Quartz
Website Link (optional): N/A
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Name/Handle of Developer: Scott Lembcke/Skorche
Title of Game: The X-Fish
Version: 1.0
License: zlib
Short description: You're an innocent fish that has wandered into the wrong part of the ocean. Make your way to the top of the food chain.
Requirements: Radeon or better and 10.3
Direct Download Link: xFishPlay.zip
Source Code Link: xFish.zip
Development Environment: SDL + RubyGameCommon

edit 7/7/05: .Mac expires in a week or so, extra download links
Direct Download Link: xFishPlay.zip
Source Code Link: xFish.zip
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Name/Handle of Developer: William Hogben
Title of Game: Personal Injury Lawyer
Version: 1.0
License: Freeware, but please don't post this to download sites or otherwise spread it.
Short description (512 max characters): Welcome to the firm. As a junior partner your task is to flag-down ambulances on the highway and make sure the patient inside knows that if they put us on the case, they will get the money they deserve *snort, chuckle* hahahaha! But seriously, watch out for those cars!
Requirements: OS X
Direct Download Link: Download Link 1
Direct Download Mirror (optional): Download Link 2
Source Code Link: Source Download
Development Environment (optional): BlitzMax (blitzmax.com)
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Name/Handle of Developer: Karl Becker / Funkboy
Title of Game: Fox Chase
Version: 0.5
License: GPL
Short description (512 max characters): Play the old game of fox chase, a game I played when I was young. You have to run around in a big circle and chase your prey, the rabbit - but you can only run in the circle. It'll make sense once you play, trust me.
Requirements: Mac OS X
Direct Download Link: http://webhost.btinet.net/~funkboy/foxchase.zip
Source Code Link: http://webhost.btinet.net/~funkboy/foxchase-code.zip
Development Environment (optional): MetaCard / Revolution
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Name/Handle of Developer: Daniel Lurie
Title of Game: The Temp
Version: Um...English?
License: MIT License
Short description (512 max characters): They all thought the new guy at the office was a little green. Of course that's because he was an alien. A hungry alien.
Requirements: Rage 128 or better (I think)
Direct Download Link: http://www.vikingdan.com/TheTemp/The%20Temp.zip
Direct Download Mirror (optional):
Source Code Link: http://www.vikingdan.com/TheTemp/The%20T...Source.zip
Development Environment (optional): BlitzMax
Website Link (optional):
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Name/Handle of Developer: Samurai Industries (Coleman Nitroy / Brian Krent)
Title of Game: Militant Hamster
Version: 0.01
License: TBD
Short description (512 max characters): Frantic snake eatin hamster action, in puzzle form.
Requirements: 10.3+ sounds reasonable (i.e. TBD)
Direct Download Link: Binary
Direct Download Mirror (optional): None
Source Code Link: Source
Development Environment (optional): Xcode / Cocoa / OpenGL
Website Link (optional): None
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