weird compiler warnings/errors in Xcode 2.0

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VolganPoet Wrote:Andrew, you might try setting a break point on the call. Since count isn't a selector defined for NSParagraphStyle, you'll need to make one to break on.

@interface NSParagraphStyle(DBGBP)
- (unsigned) count;

@implementation NSParagraphStyle(DBGBP)
- (unsigned) count
    [NSException raise:@"Invalid Selector"
        format:@"NSParagraphStyle does not respond to count"];

Set a break point in the new count method, run the debugger, then you'll see where the call came from and hopefully what the bug is. Oh, and delete the category when you're finished.

That's a wicked idea! Unfortunately, it didn't work Sad
The category's count method does get called (it's printing to console fine), but the debugger won't listen to my breakpoint. In fact, I tried adding a few NSLog() statements to the method, then setting a bunch of breakpoints, hoping at least one might work. But alas, no dice. Is there something special about breakpoints in categories which I should be aware of?
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