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hi there,
i was trying to add some messg handlers like OnLeft button click. i managed to add it for the right and left button clicks but i m not able to do with OnDouble click. is it tat we cannot have more than 2 button clicks or some sort. I didnt get any error messages or compilation error while adding for double just didnt perform the event tat was specified in tat handler. Pls suggest wat shld i do.

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why is this in the OpenGL forum? it certainly doesn't belong here.

Please give us enough information to answer the question, eg. what language and API you're using.
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Sorry,i forgot to mention but the doubt was about the gl screen itself and i was trying it out in vc++.i could implement everything written in lbuttondown and rbuttondown but am unable to implement something like double it that in opengl, its not possible..if possible,how?
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OpenGL is a graphics API, so using it to directly handle double-click events would be slightly odd... You still haven't given anybody sufficient information to help resolve your problem, but there's no reason why an OpenGL app should not be able to handle double-click events; but, as you're using VisualC++, you're in the wrong forum – this is a forum for Mac OS X developers – you might want to try

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