21-Days Later: Accelerated Contest Results

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Sponsored by Pangea Software, Inc.
The top three games in this contest will recieve the choice of...

Utimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X
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The Judges

Glenda Adams
One of the most well-known names in the Mac game industry, Glenda was a co-founder of Maverick Software and game porting powerhouse Westlake Interactive. She has worked in the computer games industry since 1988, and has over thirty Mac games to her credit, including both ports and original shareware games. She is currently the Director of PC & Mac Development at Aspyr Media.

Dair Grant
CTO of Zonic, a dedicated Macintosh development house
based in the U.K, Dair is kept busy porting a range of best-selling PC games to the Mac. Zonic also releases their own products as shareware and provides Macintosh consultancy and development services for a variety of clients world-wide.

Ryan C. Gordon
A freelance software developer, Ryan has ported such hits as Unreal Tournament, Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, and Medal of Honor to the Mac. His cross-platform skills have kept him busy as a contrator for Epic Games, Activision, Electronic Arts, Aspyr Media, and others. He is also involved in various open source projects at http://icculus.org/.

Brian Greenstone
Living in the new mecca of game development, Austin, Texas, Brian is an avid outdoorsman and likes to go kayaking, as well as hiking. When not in the great outdoors, he is busy running and programming at Pangea Software.

The judges for the competition assigned 1-10 scores to each game, in ten categories:

* The game met the theme of the contest.
* I enjoyed playing this game.
* The play mechanics of the game were easy to understand.
* This is a game I would keep on my hard drive.
* This game was presented professionally.
* I can easily play this game during my coffee break.
* This game felt like it belonged on a Mac.
* This game ran smoothly on my machine.
* For a retro game, it was pretty original.
* I'd love to see the code for this game.

A score of 10 represented strong agreement with the statement, while a score of 1 conveyed strong disagreement. The scores in each category were then combined to determine the game's overall score. Games are ranked according to their overall score.

The Results

1. Dawn of the Derby
Score: 307
Developer: iGame3D, CGoran, Tobi

2. Cocoa Mad Race
Score: 303
Developer: Antonio V Cavalcante Júnior (iTonio)

3. Frenetic
Score: 290
Developer: Phillip Nguyen

4. Neko Type-R
Score: 279
Developer: Vince Tagle / Malarkey

5. Mini-Sub Racing
Score: 217
Developer: Andrew Hazelden

6. LVThree
Score: 193
Developer: Derek Arndt (lightbringer)

Congratulations to all participants!
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Name/Handle of Developer: Andrew Hazelden
Title of Game: Mini Sub Racing
Version: 1.0.3
License: zlib/libpng License
Short description (512 max characters): Race Mini-Subs through underwater mazes.
Requirements: OS, MHz, RAM, VRAM (other) Mac OS X or OS 9
Direct Download Link: http://www.doverstudios.com/minisub/Mini....3.sit.hqx
Direct Download Mirror (optional):
Source Code Link:
Development Environment (optional): Mac OS X 10.3.7, Photoshop, Illustrator, Metal Basic, ResEdit
Website Link (optional): http://www.doverstudios.com/minisub/

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Name/Handle of Developer: Antonio V Cavalcante Júnior (iTonio)
Title of Game: Cocoa Mad Race
Version: 0.99
License: zlib/libpng
Short description (512 max characters): Futuristic race in 3D with camera fixed in isometric view.
Requirements: MAC OS X 10.3 (10.2.8??), G4 600Mhz , 128Mb RAM (256MB recommended), Video Card With 16Mb VRAM.
Direct Download Link: http://www.itonio.com/accelerated/Cocoa%...20Race.dmg
Direct Download Mirror (optional): N/A
Source Code Link: http://www.itonio.com/accelerated/CocoaM...0v0.99.zip
Development Environment (optional): Xcode 1.5, iBook G4 800Mhz, 640Mb RAM, GIMP.
Website Link (optional): http://www.itonio.com/

Edited: Need to install OpenAL (http://www.openal.com)
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Name/Handle of Developer: Derek Arndt/lightbringer
Title of Game: (codename) LVThree (suggested names) CarDiving, SkyRacing
Version: .7
License: TBA
Short description: 10,000 feet above ground a new form of racing has emmerged. Welcome to the world of skydiving....with cars. Gather points by taking out the most communication equipment (satellites) on your flight down to earth to beat out your opponents. The winner receives a parachute shortly before the end of the race.
Requirements: (prerelease recommended sys req) 700Mhz G4+, GeForce 3+
Direct Download Link: http://www.dereksucks.com/stuff/LVThree.sit
Source Code Link: http://www.dereksucks.com/stuff/LVThreeSource.sit
Development Environment: Xcode 1.5, 1.8Ghz G5, SDL, ODE
Website Link: TBA (if I get one)

[Image: LVThreeP.png]
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Name/Handle of Developer: Vince Tagle / Malarkey
Title of Game: Neko Type-R
Version: 1.0
License: MIT
Short description (512 max characters): Use your elite typing skills to race your team of cats against the computer's team.
Requirements: OSX 10.3+
Direct Download Link: http://web.newsguy.com/malarkey/software...Type-R.zip
Direct Download Mirror (optional):
Source Code Link: http://web.newsguy.com/malarkey/software...source.zip
Development Environment (optional): XCode
Website Link (optional):

The brains and fingers behind Malarkey Software (plus caretaker of the world's two brattiest felines).
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Name/Handle of Developer: Phillip Nguyen
Title of Game: Frenetic
Version: 1.0
License: GPL
Short description: Racing in a tube
Requirements: MacOS 10.2.8
Direct Download Link: Frenetic.dmg.gz ( Day 22 Version )
Source Code Link: Frenetic-src.tgz
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Name/Handle of Developer: iGame3D, CGoran, Tobi
Title of Game: Dawn of the Derby
Version: 1.00
License: Fair License
Short description: Origin of Motorvehicle Racing, with twists and turns.
Requirements: OS X 10.2, 400 MHz , 256 RAM, 16 VRAM
Direct Download Link: http://www.igame3d.com/dawnofthederby.zip
Direct Download Mirror: http://www.igame3d.de/dawnofthederby.zip
Source Code Link:
Development Environment: iGame3D
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