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phydeaux Wrote:Does anyone that actually cares to compile my code feel either way about including these extra libraries? Again, in my opinion it's kind of a pain in the butt to get it to work without them, but 30 megs is also a pain in the butt to download.

My opinion would be that it's worth the extra download size to be able to build your program out-of-the-box. 30 MB does seem like a bit much, but if someone needs to download all of those files anyway to build your program, why not just include them? Downloading them all from different places doesn't make the file sizes any smaller. The only possible benefit I see of not including them is if someone without much bandwidth is interested only in looking at your code, and not building it into a working application.

A possible solution would be to provide two separate downloads: One with everything required to build the program, and one with only the bare minimum.

- Alex Diener
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sealfin Wrote:Okay, I've prep'd Water Tower 3D; I've uploaded the game plus a short log noting any changes I've made to a temporary sub-domain here; if Carlos and ThemsAllTook can check if what I've done for this source is okay, I'll start on the other sources.

Looks good for the most part. One small oddity: In my shell script build phase, I copy the application bundle to ../Build. Since you've removed this directory, it creates a directory called "Build" there, but rather than copying the bundle into it, it copies the bundle's contents into it. Not quite the desired behavior...

Copying the bundle into that directory doesn't really make sense for the distribution, though. The last part of the shell script probably should just be deleted, changing it to:

mkdir ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Frameworks
cp -R ./Frameworks/OpenAL.framework ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Frameworks/

if test -d ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Resources;
  then rm -rf ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Resources;
mkdir ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Resources
cp -R ../Resources/* ./build/Water\ Tower\ 3D.app/Contents/Resources/

sealfin Wrote:Oh, and congrats to ThemsAllTook for coding the first of the no. of projects I tried which compiled out of the box Wink

Thanks. Smile I took special care to make sure it would build out-of-the-box without any trouble. Glad my efforts have paid off.

- Alex Diener
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had it up a long time ago... was just holding out on you guys Smile

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Sealfin, playables and source code are going to be stored on our new highbandwidth network. It requires me to FTP them myself. So, I will visit your site and upload them to our new network. Just to make sure, the code license (ie MIT License) and the uDevGames readme should be added to all packages. I'd also like for you to include a webloc (link) to the udevgames.com and idevgames.com

Also, I would like for all code to use the same method of compression. There was a thread here where someone did tests to find the optimal compression system. Let's standardize on that, OK?

Anything else we should do for prepping that would be good for our site, contest, and downloader?



p.s. At some point Sealfin, please send me a list of the code broken down my API/IDE.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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sealfin Wrote:I've already downloaded the CodeWarrior project you posted (I've dl'd everything posted to this thread so far), but haven't had a look inside it yet (still waiting for the guidelines from Carlos, Johan, whoever...) but an Xcode project would be so much easier; I'll wait for that (and the guidelines) before I try to prep it Wink
I've finished the Xcode project for Rescue. You can download it here (3.8MB). It should build straight out of the box, all being well!

If you're using Safari you might need to tell it to save the link to disk because my server isn't co-operating with my attempts to define the .tbz MIME type. Sad

I have removed the CodeWarrior project because I'm a bit short of web space at the moment. If anyone wants it, please ask!

Neil Carter
Nether - Mac games and comic art
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Carlos, could you email me the URLs the entrants provided to their source code when they entered the contest..? I'm still working through prepping the code (which is perversely being held up by the few SDL projects, the API I should be most a home with Cry) and have prep'ed all but three of the sources I've got (yes, I'm slow), but I'm missing nearly a third of the sources as I can't find the links.

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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