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Thank you very much for your helping the beginners
I need your advice to my immediately interest is how to restore ruined historical
Building to itís original design ..step by step
Or modify a real building and making change
In conformity with itís present environment in such way one one roam in side and around it
That for historical decumbently films and short movies in the not far future
So the animation I want to related to inanimate things And to master that
ï some friends said Max is enough
ï Others said I have to start first in 3d max for a while after that go to maya
ï And Other said go maya straight away to achieve this

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This isn't really the right place to ask this kind of question, unless you intend to make an interactive 3D walkthrough of your building using software which works on the Mac. We focus on Mac game development here, and if I'm not mistaken, you're more concerned with 3D modelling and pre-rendered animation.

You might find that you get more relevant help if you go to the forums at the Artifice Design Community (I think the Open 3D CAD Discussion forum might be most useful). For general Max/Maya technical questions, the CGTalk forum is also likely to be helpful, although those guys probably won't know so much about modelling buildings (they're mostly character animation experts and the like).

Regarding your question about which software to use, in my opinion you can do anything you like in 3DS Max - it's certainly up to the task you describe, if I understand you correctly. I personally don't like Maya (although I haven't really used it much), but I'm sure both programs are more or less equally capable.

I hope that helps! Smile

Neil Carter
Nether - Mac games and comic art
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