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Hi all. Amateur Mac Game Developer here.
Today I finally got around to doing a bit more on my "top secret" rpg game engine. All that I've managed to do to it so far is finish the in-game design aspect. I'm using Xcode 1.1 which I'm assuming is still the most up to date version. So I'm happy with my MainMenu.nib file. It's got 5 custom views and 6 buttons. Oh before any mods or whatever are wondering, this does have a programming relevance somewhere. I just haven't got to it yet. I think that I set it up as a Cocoa Application, which is what I want, although I might have also started it as a Cocoa Java App, which I don't want since I'm finished with Java. Can I comfirm that I did the right thing somehow? I gave it (Java) my best shot but I can't handle it. Too confusing especially on Mac OS X IMO. So onto my question. I want to set up one of the custom views to be the game window where all the action happens. Similar to what you would see when you're playing Zelda-A Link to the Past on the SNES ,say. I see that SDL is the way to go so help would be appreciated for helping me set up a custom view to do this. Assume that I'm a complete newbie if you feel like it.
Thanks in advance.
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Maybe this was better off in the SDL section afterall. Well I'm not too sure about SDL anymore. I'm not even sure whether I have to download it or what. That custom view instance under discussion basically needs to be able to display maps made up of tiles. I'm talking mid ninties sega genesis or super nintendo 2D RPGs. Sprites would be on this background. I don't want to get into too much detail of what I want done, because I want to be able to master the basics first. Again, Thanks in advance.
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i think there is xcode 1.5 out now.

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