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Hello, I'm new to the whole 3D game model scene and have a few questions about UV Mapping. I have been an amature animator and graphics artist for quite a while (you can see some of my work on my site: so I am somewhat proficient with modeling, texturing, and sprite making. That said, I have absolutly no experience with UV mapping, as I usually use other meathods. As I understand it UV mapping is a way of texturing an object by 'unfolding' the polygon mesh of an object, and creating a chart out of that. Then if you paint a texture in accordance with that chart it'll be able to texture the whole deal with that one texture by wrapping it onto the model accordingly. What I'm trying to figure out is how to get that texture onto the model. I can create UV charts no problem, but applying the texture map I've made with them is the trouble...
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What application are you using to do your mapping?
Each app has its own tricks. Googling a tutorial for uv mapping in your particular app would be the fastest route toward understanding the UV mystery.
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