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I just found an interesting Mac software bought by Microsoft that is still free to download. I suppose that could help some people to get a professionnal vector app for free to do some games :-) Yo uonly need to get an account.
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I downloaded this the other day, and boy is the interface confusing!

For those of you out there unafraid of X11 (GIMP users?), there are two free GTK+-based vector drawing programs:

Sodipodi ( ) is older and the interface looks very complex, and the website maintainer seems to have some kind of anime fetish. That said, it's probably the fuller-featured of the two.

Inkscape ( ) seems to be the newer, more active, and more used of the two. It's used extensively by the team who make the Lila SVG theme ( ) for Gentoo Linux ( ).

And of course, if you only need 30 days, there's always the Adobe Illustrator CS trial ( ). At 162MB, it's not for the faint-hearted or the 56K-bound, but this is the standard against which all the others should be measured...

Anyone know of any other alternatives? Deneba Canvas seems to be targeted much more at the scientific market than at the artist...
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Other as in free? Other as in commercial, check the other thread here on the same topic.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Thanks for the link, I'm loving the app already. Used it to greatly improve the graphics in Canvas Wars (powerups, namely).

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