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I used to learn c last year. It's limited, but teaches syntax. <--This is an excellent reference. It's taken from the Blue Book so it's good, but maybe a little old.
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I started with Hypercard in 5th grade. Just dove into it. I got a book on Pascal too called "Just Enough Pascal" but at the time I found Hypercard to be much easier and I could do more with it at the basic level I was programming at.

After 4 years with that I got a book on C. From there it was books, books, books. Somewhere in there I took high school CS classes that taught me nothing, and 4 years of college.

Once I knew how to write code I focused on web resources, like this site, Gamasutra, GameDev, and NeHe, to name a few.

After that, the only way to learn was to actually make something. You can only study a practice for so long without having to go and practice it.

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One good way to learn is to give yourself easy assignments. One thing I used to do was look at a tutorial, figure out what they did. And then try to find a way to change the tutorial into an assignment. For example, way back when (before many of you were born) I found a tuturiall on making a text based craps game in BASIC. I went through that, and then gave myself the assignment of creating a text based roulette game. It forced me to internalize the concepts learned from the tutorial.

Another key is being able to create reasonable assignments. When learning programming, doing a sprite engine is not a reasonable request... animating a square in a window is. Keep your assignments simple and you won't get as easily frustrated.

Use the tools you already have, and come up with simple doable assignments. They may seem trivial, but they'll teach you loads.
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