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I am curious, is anyone interested in writing tutorials? If so, what would be the minimum amount you would feel necessary for you to write? Topics include but not limited to....

scrolling (parallax), collision detection, sprites, OpenGL, SDL, physics, AI, A*, audio/sound programming, simple games, ala space invaders, pong, etc, iPhone, game input, working with tiles, working with various engines, creating 3d models, scripting languages like Lua, Python, PyGame, etc.

You might be wondering why I bring this up now? It's been my goal since the start of iDevGames. With recent ads placed on the site, I think we can finally offer some cash to get good quality content. Obviously free is always nice, but I know there are always starving coders out there.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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I'm glad the site is doing well enough to make this possible. I look forward to more quality content.
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Hmm… I'd have to say $150.


Seriously though, my main problem with writing tutorials is time. I'm more than happy to help out, answer questions, that kind of thing, but tutorial writing…
If I managed to squeeze it in between schoolwork and otherwork, I'd feel guilty for not doing my own projects.
That said, if I could stop playing Paper Mario for a week, who knows what would happen…

- LG

- Lincoln Green
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