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Is Photoshop any good for drawing sprites? ("space ships" mainly) how much does it cost? is it worth me buying it if I'm like a total noob with it?

Edit: Does it come with good tutorials?

Mar Tar
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There are more Photoshop tutorials on the web than anyone could get through in their life time. Wink I would recommend that you buy Photoshop Elements 2. $99 normally, Amazon has it for ~$79 and sometimes you can find a place that has mail in rebates and get it down to ~$29.

I can't really comment on whether or not it is good at making sprites. I mostly use it for photo editing, and GUI creation. I imagine Illustrator would be better suited in reality, but it is pretty expensive.
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As for the full-blown Photoshop, it's somewhere around $700-ish and don't buy it unless you know what it is - although it is very powerful, it might be overkill for what you want to do. Especially at that price...

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For DigIt!, I used Photoshop Elements to do sprites and other graphics. I think it's sufficient for sprite work.
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Photoshop is (arguably) THE most powerful graphics editor on any platform, and almost inarguably the most powerful for Mac. I have been using PS since It was 4.0, and have had the misfortune of using 1.0 on my mac classic Huh . Anyway, past years I have been using Photoshop my skill has just gone up and up and up... I still don't use half the features and I have a part time job as a digital retoucher (read: cushy after you learn how). I use it exclusively for sprite work, such as my avatar here, and these:
[Image: NemBlork4.gif] (very inside joke)
[Image: Pixelation_GBA.gif] (a GBA mockup)
and [Image: Arian_1.2.gif] (a character from a game in progress)
So yeah, I would say PS can do sprite work, and image work, and well, you name it Rolleyes

Things can get insane though, <my layers palette for that last pic. Also, I have used images up to 100*100in at 200dpi (over a GB), and hundreds of layers while compositing images Smile

Some people think PS is over priced for what it is. Guess what? They don't know how to use it. Photoshop is worth every penny.
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For spaceships, I would recommend using a 3D modeler to create your ships and then render them to sprites
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EVERY penny indeed. I found my needs met perfectly by elements though, which ships with both mac and PC versiopns on one disk. I got mine at Wal-Mart for $69.

As for renderers on a budget, I recommend the javascript Art of Illusion. Needs a fast computer to run it though.

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For the price of Photoshop, you could buy an old Amiga 1200, find Deluxe Paint, and use that combo for far far far less than Photoshop's cost. Rolleyes

Or just run an emulator -- if you own the OS, hardware, and software. Blush

Look to Color-It! someday getting upgraded. It was a great slim-down version of PhotoShop with many features and easy on the system requirements. Made by Microfrontier.

Also look for some savvy coders to release a nice pixel editor based on RB or Cocoa. Somebody?

What ever happened to Pixel Professional? Something like that, I recall was Photoshops rival right when I got into using the Mac... (Maybe using Photoshop 2.5 in those days.)


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Iron Wallaby
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*chuckle* Nem Blork returns. Rasp

I use photoshop for pixel-level spritework. Of course, it's too expensive by itself. The GIMP is comparable and free, but good luck running it under OSX (does Darwin support X? If so, it may be possible Sneaky ). There is a program called Pixen that is supposed to be good for it, google for it. It's free, but beta, so not guaranteed to work perfectly, heh.
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The GIMP works well on Mac OS X. You'll need Apple's X11 (on the Panther install CDs somewhere). You can get it through fink or through darwinports, and there used to be a binary installer floating around...

Incidentally, the GIMP 2.0 previews are impressive -- the UI is much improved over 1.x.
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I've used Resedit, Graphicsconverter for my whole pixel life(and my own unreleased tool(only for about 8 months)) and Photoshop sometimes. The only thing Photoshop is better when making pixelwork is the layers function, otherwise I see no really great improvment(that's worth loads of $$$). And I don't use the layer function that much anyway(and my unreleased tool has layers).
Also as mentioned, try GIMP. It's free, and I've heard 2.0 is pretty darn good.

BTW, I'm not saying Graphicconverter is a good pixelation tool, it aint that good, it's just basic. But when dealing with sprites you usually(or almost never) need more.

EDIT: And about layers, I don't use them much at all becouse IMO it takes away from the whole picture and since in pixelation every pixel counts(very very much sometimes) I don't use em.

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