Looking for a mentor or study group!

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I've been really interested in starting game development on the iPhone, but I've had a hard time learning through the Apple Docs and online resources (they can be pretty intimidating!).

What I'm looking for is several people in my position who would want to partner up and study together! Call it an online study-group if you will... I believe that many people together in a real-time discussion would help the learning process out entirely, rather than a forum-style Q and A.

If any experienced developers would like to serve as a "mentor" or if any other newbies are interested, respond here or rather hit me up on iChat:

You can reach me at: "Sammers102"

My goal is to get a 2-D OpenGL application up-and-running by the end of the year! Anything helps.
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OpenGL 2D is exactly what the 71 Squared video tutorial series is about:
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Hi Sam-

I would be happy to join you in your quest...feel free to drop me a line: andre -AT- ampmusic -DOT- [you-know-what].

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