Cocoa Game Programming for Dummies

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There was an earlier thread on here about community tutorials which seems to have died out. I'd like to recommend this idea again.

I've tried several times to learn from some of the sample code that was posted here, but many times the projects are simply too large. I really had no idea where to start, and in many the comments in the code didn't help much.

I don't think they should be anything too ambitious. It does need to start out simple, even if a tutorial only ends up being 100 lines of code and a couple of pages to explain. Here's what I think would be useful:

Drawing an image in a window
Animating images
Moving images using the keyboard (especially arrow keys)
Moving the images using a mouse
Collision Detection
Playing sounds on events

This would be a good start. I think once you get past those basics, you're ready to get going. The only thing I really know how to do out of all of these is drawing images in an NSImageView.

I would be willing to help with this project, to the largest extent I can. I'd probably make a great tester for the tutorials, and can give feedback before they get published.

Also, I have the book Java Game Programming for Dummies, which I think we could use as a basis for tutorials beyond the basics. It includes several different games, such as Pong, Golf, Pool and others. The authors give permission to reuse the code in your own projects, and the book is out of print, so I don't think it is a problem to use them.

I hope others would be interested in doing this along with me.
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*plugs Xcode/GLUT tutorial, though unfinished*

OK, it's not Cocoa, but since you'd probably use GL in Cocoa anyway, it should be mostly relevant...
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