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phydeaux Wrote:I have to echo what a lot of people are saying- if you spend a lot of time going for rich, intricate gameplay, you are leaving yourself open for losing on polish, which in turn probably determines a weight on the rest of your categories (it's a lot easier to be superficial about judging, so a lot of people will only notice the polish, and not give much thought to much else.) This is just if you want to win, though, but I think there are other goals of the contest, such as finally getting to try and make a game that you've been itching to.

Well said. IMO, you're either going to focus on gameplay, or everything else. The reason for this is that testing your gameplay takes so much more time than testing graphics, or sound. Want to test a new sound? Put it in, and play once. Does it sound good, yes/no? Bam. You've tested that sound.

Testing gameplay requires playing through your entire game many many times. Want to throw in a new weapon? You have to test it in normal gameplay, and make sure it's balanced with the other weapons. It may very easily break balance, so now that's more work to set things right, and the fix could unbalance something else- it gets complicated pretty quickly.

The result is that you'll spend the vast majority of your time on just getting your gameplay spot-on, and won't be able to spend as much time as is needed tightening up your app.

But honestly, this isn't a problem if you just team up. The programmer focuses on the gameplay, and the artist focuses on providing polished art and sound.

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