Free Hash A:M 3d models

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Though I hve put my copy of A:M on the shelf, and have vowed to never upgrade until they make it stable (I may be 90 when that happens), I thought for some who might be using A:M, that this link would be welcomed.

Nice free models...

This company also sells commercial models that are not too expensive. Pretty good looking I must say -- too bad they don't convert them to some other formats (I heard A:M DXF/etc. export is horendous.)


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Quote:Originally posted by Camacho
Pretty good looking I must say -- too bad they don't convert them to some other formats (I heard A:M DXF/etc. export is horendous.)

God. Tell me about it. I've been making the Gaichu models in Hash, and the export options are awful. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't even have an .obj exporter, so I have to go through Wings3D just to export to .obj. As much as I love Hash's modeller, I might have to look into another program like C4D after uDevGame. Or maybe a miracle will happen and gameSpace will get ported to OS X.
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Hash seems to be a do-it-within-Hash program. Since its modeling technologies are patch-based versus polygon-based, converting models to other formats normally always requires the patches to be output as polygons. I guess their exporter doesn't do its work all that great if people aren't happy with its end result.

I just checked their OS X forum and they are still in Alpha development. The app probably won't be done until the end of the year. I've been waiting so patiently for the osX version, but I'm thinking of picking up another 3-d app. My patience with Hash is running thin. In order to use Hash, I always have to reboot in 9. Not that I hate OS 9 (i still love it), but I can't use any other apps since everything is OSX native. I've had Specular infini-d and ray dream studio in the past and created some cool things with it. Perhaps I might just get Carrara since it's a merge of both apps. Fenris also provided some interest in it and perhaps it might be the way for me to go. I just need an app with really good animation functions that's comparable to Hash.

Anyone use Carrara for character animation in here? I've looked on their site and their aren't any real-time samples of character-based animation. The site is all created in Carrara or as the artist says "Infini-D". The animation is cool looking but it doesn't look like it's using inverse-kinematics. The rustboy character itself is very mechanical in nature and probably only requires hierachical based forward kinematicsAnnoyed Before I attempt to put $200 down for another app, I just want to make sure that it has great modeling and animation tools.

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time for a shameless plug-

"I have lightwave and I have had it for a year and a hlaf now. the learning curve is shallow and the power and ease of use makes it worth it, I can particularly recomend lightwave to game developers because of its excellent polygon modeler, after all when bungie chose to use lightwave to make Halo they must ahve known what they were doing."
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