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what do you think? the low-poly is deliberate so there can be large scale battles.
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Pretty cool. But what the hell is up with the image viewer? In Safari, I have to reload the page every other time I open an image. ie. If I open an image, I have to reload to open another one. I think it should redirect to another page each time you open instead of a fricken' popup. This probably has to do with illicitdev, but it's driving me insane.
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Hey, I really like some of those designs! The best ones in my opinion are the one with the big ring at the front, and the one with three fins. Very imaginative! The boxy ones are OK too, especially if you're going for low-poly action.

I think the weakest design is the one with four pairs of wings. It generally isn't a good idea to model wings with a square section because it can look pretty crude. What about giving the wings a lozenge-shaped section instead?

How are you going to present these ships? Is it going to be first or third person?

Neil Carter
Nether - Mac games and comic art
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the one you are flying is first, these others will be seen mostly at a distance.
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