Sprites collide with tiled background

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hmm... I see what you mean now. I know how they'd do it in a 3D engine, but it would be hard to apply the same concept here.
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Quote:Originally posted by Steven
Jammer: I'll try adapting your code, although I don't understand what the last part's doing.

When you get to that point, you have a collision with 3 values dictating the amount of overlap between the two objects on each of the axis'. What you do, will be up to you.

I have an xyz vector containing an amount to move on each axis, and all that code does is flip the movement direction on one of the axis. Specifically, the one with the least amount of overlap, as that is the one that has just collided.
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Then I can't use your code - I can't assume that the closest direction is the one that collided. It's possible to have it the other way around by traveling at a high enough speed. Has anyone played Bolo? That's the kind of thing that I'm trying to do.

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